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What is JAM?

JAM Club - #bethekindkidThe original JAM Club was established in April  2016 by two students at Avonworth Primary Center (Pittsburgh) who approached their teacher, Maureen Frew, to request the creation of an after-school "making" club. The club created items, such as the JAM Club's now trademarked #bethekindkid shirts, to donate or sell to benefit charitable causes of their choice. Through the club's work with a variety of charitable foundations, the students have been able to learn about a world in need and has empowered them to help make a difference.

JAM Enterprises, the name for which name represents the first initial of each of the founding members — Julia and Amelia and their teacher, Maureen — is now a student-run non-profit organization of approximately 50 students (Grade K-6) who meet weekly. By sharing its business model, Jam Enterprises has expanded its mission to help other schools set up JAM Clubs, so that the kindness movement may continue to spread.

#bethekindkid T-shirt Sales

JAM Enterprises is working to spread kindness in the world through one simple message, #bethekindkid.


The organization is selling #bethekindkid t-shirts via its online store at The t-shirts, which are available in a variety of designs and sizes, are all emblazoned with the "#bethekindkid" message. To date, the club has sold more that 20,000 t-shirts, which continue to grow in popularity.


JAM Enterprises encourages the shirts to be worn every Wednesday, or #wearitwednesdays, to remind others to be the kid who does the right thing... to be the nice kid... to be the kind kid.